Comfort Keepers HVAC, LLC is your trusted Heat Pump AC and Gas Furnace installation expert, and Accredited American Standard and Bosh Dealer. By representing these two brands, we can offer home owners a wide range of options to meet both the budgetary and equipment specification needs of the homeowner when replacing HVAC equipment that has reached the end of it’susable lifespan. We go through an interview process with the homeowner to understand their needs in order to recommend different options the homeowner can select from. We also provide homeowners information on how to evaluate equipment with different efficiency levels to provide them with the best options to balance the needs of long term savings, initial cost outlay, and comfort.

Comfort Keepers HVAC, LLC  takes pride in our work, and we use Best in Class processes to ensure each job is done to meet high quality standards. For example, when installing a new unit, we always purge the line sets with nitrogen while brazing. This ensures there is no oxidation inside the pipes while we are brazing.  Oxidation is a natural process that occurs when copper and other metals are exposed to high heat, and it will leave a “burnt” residue inside the piping that will eventually come loose and could potentially clog up the refrigerant metering devices in a Heat Pump or Air Conditioning system. When the pipes a complete with filled with an intert gas such as nitrogen, this oxidation process cannot occur.

Comfort Keepers HVAC, LLC also uses a best in class three stage vacuum purge process that is significantly more effective than using just a single purge when pulling a vacuum on a system to eliminate non condensates in the refrigerant system prior to start up. When only a single step process is used, some moisture will “freeze” inside the system and not be removed. When a three step process of pulling a vacuum down to 4,000 microns, then purging the system with nitrogen, and pulling another vacuum down to 1,5000 microns purging the system with nitrogen again, and then pulling a final vacuum down to 250 or less microns we can be sure we have clean, dry, and moisture free system before start up.   Systems that have moisture in them at start up will often develop acid in them which leads in less than optimal performance, and premature system failure.

Comfort Keepers HVAC, LLC will ensure that each new installation that is in a 2nd floor, or indoor location has safety switches to shut the unit down to reduce the likelihood of any water damage from occurring should the unit have water overflow from a condensation drain line backup. We install clean out T’s in our drain lines to ensure all drains lines can be cleaned by either the homeowner, or our by maintenance technicians during annual maintenance. In addition, when possible we try to use 45 degree pipe fittings vs. 90 degree fitting so reduce the likelihood pipes clogging up in the future.

At Comfort Keepers HVAC, LLC an individual with either a Masters mechanical HVAC or Journeyman’s license will be onsite during the installation process. This ensures that each installation is done by qualified individuals, and the installation is done from a “serviceability” standpoint.   

Each new installation comes with a 10 year manufacture parts warranty, and a 12 month labor warranty. Due to taking these extra steps to ensure each new unit installation is a quality job.

Financing Options are available.  We work with Peoples Advantage Credit Union,(insert the link to Peoples Advantage in Petersburg here) a localnon profit Credit Union to assist customers that need financing. This ensures that customers are not getting involved in financing plans from large out of state financial institutions that have “small print details” that can end up costing customers more in the long run.