Broken AC and Heat Pump

Heat Pump Low on Freon

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Midlothian | Chesterfield VA

Heat Pump Repairs in Midlothian | Chesterfield VA due to Low on Freon which can lead to Heat pump system replacements that can be costly.   Don't neglect fixing your AC is freon is leaking! If you notice problems such as freezing coils, or your system runs longer than usual, give us a call. Catching problems early can prevent further damage and possibly need for expense equipment replacement.

We are available for quality and affordable HVAC, AC and Gas Furnace repair service in the Midlothian and Chesterfield area.

Heat Pump | AC Repair and Replacement

Comfort Keepers HVAC specializes in Heat Pump repairs. Heat Pumps are used in the majority of homes in Midlothian and in our general service area. With one system being used almost all year round to meet a home's heating and air conditioning needs, it is important that Heat Pump Systems be properly maintained and repaired.

Air Conditioning Repair
Gas Furnace repair

Air Conditioner Repair Service

Comfort Keepers HVAC repairs all types of air conditioners. We take pride in following the manufacturer's specifications to ensure units are charged to the proper super heat or sub-cooling levels to provide the most efficient performance possible. We also do periodic maintenance plans to ensure the Air Conditioning System is in top condition before the extreme summer temperatures arrive.

Gas Furnaces are common in the Midlothian Chesterfield area. If your gas heat will not run there are often many safety features that are trying to PROTECT YOU and your property . Call our gas furnace experts to make sure your system is working right and safe!

Gas Furnace Repair

Some homes in the Midlothian area use a natural gas or LP gas furnace for heating and Comfort Keepers HVAC can service and repair all minor and major components of your furnace equipment. Many of the high efficiency gas furnaces sold today are more sensitive than the older style (80% efficient furnaces). Having periodic preventative maintenance of the condensation drainage in a high efficiency gas or LP furnace is an important step in increasing the reliability and longevity of your furnace. Call Comfort Keepers HVAC to schedule preventative service and repair of your LP or gas furnace.

AC Thermostat repair

Thermostat Repair and Replacement

Comfort Keepers HVAC repairs and installs all brands of HVAC thermostats. If you have done your own thermostat installation and your system is not working correctly, we will work with you to correct the most common issues caused by homeowner-installed thermostats. Comfort Keepers HVAC offers various types of thermostats: Programmable, Traditional/Basic, Duel Fuel, Wi-Fi Enabled, Remote Controlled, Indoor Temperature Thermostat, and Outdoor Temperature Thermostat to Control Dual Fuel Systems. There are also many brands of thermostats such as Honeywell, Nexia, and Aprilaire to name some of the most popular ones in the HVAC market today. Comfort Keepers HVAC can recommend the best thermostat for your situation.

Repair Cleaning HVAC Duct and Indoor Air Quality Systems

Comfort Keepers HVAC, offers no obligation duct system evaluation. We can evaluate your system to see if traditional duct cleaning is an option to consider, or we may recommend complete or partial duct system replacement depending on the severity of the problem and the type of material the duct system is made of. For example, we often find that for just a few hundred dollars over the cost of cleaning ducts, the entire flexable duct component of a house can be replaced. If your home has a duct board system, we caution again traditional duct system cleaning as the fiberglass fibers inside the duct system will become lose through the cleaning process and small fiberglass partials will be discharged throughout the home over time.

Having a properly maintained HVAC system is important for system longevity and efficiency.  Most homes that have kids, pets or hardwood floors should have the HVAC filters changed monthly to prevent costly repairs and higher operating cost.

Affordable Payment Options for HVAC Repairs and HVAC System Replacements

For customers that wish to consider financing options for replacing their HVAC System, Comfort Keepers HVAC has relationships with local banks and credit unions to provide customers with competitive financing options for replacing their existing system. By working with only local and regionally-based financial institutions, we are supporting our local economy. It also enables us to contain the cost of offering these financing programs to customers that use this option vs. having to spread financing cost across our entire customer base. Comfort Keepers HVAC offers a limited 30/70% in-house financing program for qualified customers.

HVAC Company- Midlothian | Amelia | Chesterfield VA Service Areas

Comfort Keepers HVAC brings quality service to the below Midlothian, Amelia and Chesterfield areas. If you are outside of these area, still call. We service Richmond, Powhatan, Chester and other surrounding areas as well! 23002, 23112, 23113, 23114, 23832, 23838, 23834, 23836, 23831