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Comfort Keepers HVAC provides Indoor Air Quality to the Midlothian and Chesterfield VA and greater Richmond VA area by reducing the levels of bad bacteria in your home or office. This in turn will provide a healthier living environment, and allergy and many asthma symptoms will be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Common Bacteria

Did you know that bacteria are everywhere in your home and office? However, before you get alarmed, you need to know there are two types of bacteria - one is good bacteria that is needed by our bodies for survival, and the other is bad bacteria that contributes to ill health, "sick" building syndrome, breathing issues, allergies, and other health problems. The key to a natural healthy environment is having balanced micro flora where the levels of good bacteria are strong enough to keep the bad bacteria under control.

Although chemical cleaners, UV lights and other products can practically eliminate all bacteria you may want to consider other options to ensure your environment has a stable micro flora of healthy bacteria levels.

Probitics and Better Breathing / Indoor Air Quality

Comfort Keepers HVAC is a distributor of a revolutionary system that releases billions of probiotics throughout your home to ensure there is healthy microflora on surfaces throughout your home. These good bacteria then consume the common organic pollutants, which cause allergies, breathing issues, and cold or virus symptoms (such as dust mite fecal material, pollen, and pet dander) that are found almost everywhere around us. Call us today to enjoy better indoor air quality through probiotics to purify your home or office space.

Crawlspaces: a source for Allergies Mold and Bad Bacteria

At Comfort Keepers HVAC, we know crawlspaces. What is under your house can get into your house. There are two key items to look for regarding traditional crawlspaces:

  1. Have an air-tight Duct system on both the return and supply ducts, with a high-quality filtration system that doesn't restrict airflow. Don't use filters that are so tight that they require wire support on both sides of the filter to keep them from collapsing (otherwise, you can damage the compressor in your heat pump and shorten its life)! An air-tight duct system prevents the musty, moldy, bad bacteria (that can be in a crawlspace) from entering your home through leaks in the HVAC duct system. An air-tight duct system will also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.
  2. Make sure you have a suitable vapor barrier that has been properly installed, ventilated to keep the moisture levels down and that rainwater drains away from your foundation, not toward it.

Comfort Keepers HVAC can either make recommendations for DIYers or address these issues for our customers.

Solutions to Bacteria Mold Pollen Allergies and Allergens for Indoor Air Quality

Comfort Keepers HVAC, offers the EPS-365, a leading-edge probiotic system that works inside your duct system to improve indoor air quality throughout your home or office. Probiotics reduce the harmful levels of bacteria, mold spores, dust mites and other indoor air pollutants by creating a healthy microflora throughout your home. Once a healthy microflora is established and maintained, most allergies, breathing issues and other health problems caused by these harmful bacteria and poor indoor air quality are eliminated or significantly reduced. If you or anyone in your home has allergies or breathing issues, contact us for more info on how probiotics can make a world of difference in improving your quality of life by improving your indoor air quality.

For environments where a probiotic system is not suitable, we also provide indoor air quality solutions through the Air Scrubber Plus system - a NASA technology used in the Space Shuttle program.

Both products come with our exclusive 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the improvements in your Indoor Air Quality.

For standard HVAC filtration, we recommend the Aprilaire Whole House media filtration system. This filtration system will ensure your HVAC system remains clean and maintains its efficiency, and comes with a 10-year "clean coil" guarantee.

Affordable Payment Options for better Indoor Air Quality

For customers who wish to consider financing options for improving their Indoor Air Quality, Comfort Keepers HVAC has relationships with local banks and credit unions to provide customers with competitive financing options if needed. Comfort Keepers will also take Visa or MasterCard for payments.

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