Many homeowners can make matters worse when their AC is not working……here are some simple steps you can take as a homeowner to potentially resolve issues related to poor AC performance or totally broken Air Conditioning and protect the HVAC investment you have made in your home.

  • Make sure your A/C filters are clean.  If your A/C indoor coil inside the air handler is freezing up, it is related to one of two issues…..poor HVAC airflow, or low A/C refrigerant charge.   Sometimes homeowners can resolve poor HVAC  airflow issues themselves.   Make sure couches are not blocking the Air Conditioning air returns, all A/C supply register vents are open, and most important make sure all filters are clean. Besure and check to make sure you don’t have a filter inside the air handler if you have return filter grills inside the house – as sometimes one gets put in the air handler and it could be years before it is noticed if you don’t have your HVAC unit serviced by a professional.  If someone in your home has allergy issues, and you have started using the super tight “high efficiency” allergy reduction filters you may be reducing the airflow across your AC system so much that expensive A/C compressor damage occur.  Have a professional check your duct system to determine if these types of filters are suitable for use – most homes do not have duct systems designed for these super tight 1″ thick  ” High Efficiency” air filters.
  • Know your Condensation drain system.   Many times an AC unit will shut down due to a condensation overflow safety switch being activated.   All AC units will generate condensation as it pulls humidity out of the home…this water must drain somewhere – either by the downhill flow of gravity, or by a condensation pump.   Find out which system you have, and where the exit is of the condensation pipe.     If your air handler is in the attic, or inside a conditioned space, or conditioned crawlspace, you should have a condensation overflow switch which shuts down the AC unit (either the outdoor unit, or both the air handler and outdoor units) should the condensation drain become clogged and prevent further damage to your home.    Make sure the landscaper did not cover your condensation drain termination point with mulch, and if you have a condensation pump, make sure that the outlet it is plugged into has power to operate the pump.
  • If both your indoor and outdoor units are running, but you feel no airflow coming out the supply vents, you likely have an indoor air handler coil that is totally iced over and this is the reason for almost no airflow coming out your supply vents.   If this is the case, turn your system to Off, and run the indoor fan to melt the ice prior to calling for service by a professional.  Also, if the air handler is in the attic, or in a conditioned space monitor your air handler as the ice melts to make sure all the water drains properly out the condensation overflow drain, and you don’t have additional property damage from water overflow.

Call Comfort Keepers HVAC if you have any questions about HVAC repair and maintenance, or to schedule an appointment to get your A/C unit repaired.


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