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Now that the dry winter months are here, some homeowners may find that they have issues low humidity levels. These can include high static electricity building up, shrinking hardwood floors, cabinets and trim, and lower indoor air quality, During the winter a home that is to dry, may even contribute to breathing issues for some family members.

If your home is heated with a gas furnace, it is more likely be drier than a home heated by a heat pump as the hotter heat of a gas furnace will remove more moisture out of the home. Most experts recommend to have humidity levels around 45%. Relative humidity levels between 30-55% are generally acceptable.

There are several options for maintaining the appropriate level of humidity in your home. These can range from having more indoor house plants in the home to generate moisture to installing a humidifier as a part of the HVAC/heating system to accurately maintain targeted humidity levels.

There are two main types of HVAC humidifiers – steam and “water pad” variants. Steam is going to deliver more moisture via a vapor directly into the homes duct system, and is considered to be best solution, but of course it is more costly than a standard “water pad” version.-

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