Heat Pump Freezing – Call Us ASAP!

Causes of Frozen Heat Pumps Common in Midlothian

Familiar? If you have been around heat pumps for any length of time, you know they can be subject to a multitude of problems. In Midlothian, frozen heat pumps are not uncommon. The solutions can be very different.

In our experience a frozen heat pump is most often caused by low Freon levels in the heat pump. This is bad for many reasons. First and foremost is the possibility of a leak. Leak are often costly to repair and if not treated as soon as possible can lead to heat pump repairs that may warrant a replacement heat pump. If a frozen heat pump is your problem, call us immediately. This is where an ounce of prevention can save you big $$!

There can always be other minor reasons such as the units defrost cycle that may need adjusting or a faulty fan. But regardless of the issue, the condition can cause an expensive heat pump repair you definitely want to avoid.


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