How Landscaping Mulching can cause problems with your HVAC system….

Now that most everyone has completed their landscaping for the Spring, and our AC systems are running routinely, homeowners need to make sure their landscaper didn’t cover up their HVAC systems condensation drain line with mulch. This is a common issue that occurs this time of year…and although it may several months before it is noticed, it will cause headaches and issues down if the A/C condensation drain line is buried under mulch and becomes clogged.

A condensation drain line can cause your system to shut down completely if your system as an drain line safety overflow safety device, and can easily be reset once the drain line is unstopped and free flowing again……but if your system doesn’t have one of these safety switches, water can back up into your unit causing issues from standing water, mold, a damp crawlspace, or in a worst case scenario, even damage to your ceilings if your indoor air handler is located in the attic area.

Be sure to make sure both your primary and secondary drain line (if you have one) are not covered in mulch. When your A/C is running you should see condensation coming out of it. If not you should make sure it is not clogged.

Call Comfort Keepers HVAC to find out more and if you will benefit from having an emergency safety switch installed to protect your home and equipment should the condensation line becomes clogged.


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