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By: Paul White | April 21, 2016

Everyone in Midlothian dreads the day that their Air Conditioning unit stops working, and even more so if they don't have a trusted contractor they can turn to for advice.  All things mechanical in this life eventually fail, and when your HVAC, or air conditioning system is no longer working how does a homeowner evaluate the different bids, options, and quality of the HVAC contractors they are obtaining quotes from?  After all, isn't HVAC equipment a commodity product, and shouldn't it just be a "plug and play" situation to replace your Heat Pump or Air Conditioner?

Here are a few thoughts to consider:

  •  Just most complicated things in life, there is always more than one way to solve a problem.  HVAC contractors may offer you differe...

By: xugy43a | April 13, 2016

Heat Pump Freezing - Call Us ASAP!

Frozen Heat Pump in Midlothian
Frozen Heat Pump Midlothian VA

By: Paul White | March 22, 2016

Filters are an important part of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, but with so many choices, which one should you choose??

Opinions vary, depending and filters are all designed to meet a specific need. But the one thing all experts agree on is that a dirty HVAC filter hurts the unit’s energy efficiency!   Not only will a dirty filter that restrics airflow cause the system to be overworked, reduce comfort levels, and cost more to operate, increase the pressures in the system, and lead to premature system failure. 

To pick the right filter, you need to balance the amount of dirt the filter can remove while still allowing enough air to pass through your duct system.  The minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rates their ...

By: Paul White | March 15, 2016

Once you have found that perfect location, floor plan and for the new home you are considering to purchase this Spring, be sure and have the air conditioning and heating system evaluated. Here are a few questions that you should ask your Realtor and or Home Inspector:

  1.  How old is the air conditioner and the furnace, or heat pump?
  2. Be sure to tell your Realtor you want to know the age of the equipment, and obtain service/maintenance information and see maintenance records for the equipment.
  3. Ask the home inspector to visually inspect side the main supply trunk line, and obtain photos of what the inside of the smaller flex supply lines look like. Homes that had mold in the duct system at one time will show a dirty like flaky substance in the suppl...

By: Paul White | February 10, 2016

Most  HVAC contractors and homeowners seeing an increase in leaking coils in recent years, and many are wondering what is causing this issue.   The major manufacturers state the failure rate caused by manufacture defects are only in the 2%-3% range, but HVAC contractors and homeowners seem to be feeling the impact of coil failure rates much higher than that....so what is going on, and are coil leaks preventable?  

A major cause of evaporator coil leaks, is formic acid. which causes corrosion and weakens the metal tubes the coils are made of.....and has your A/C or Heat Pump system operates at high pressures small leaks will develop in the coil.  With the newer efficency standards required by regulators, today's systems operate at pressures  ...

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