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By: Paul White | July 13, 2016

78/10.... that is the number to remember as a rule of thumb.   Most Energy Companies recommend setting your thermostat at 78 degrees in the middle of summer....of course for many that may seem a bit high and uncomfortable - so we have to take that recommendation with a grain of salt, as we all know that utility companies are more interested in managing capacity to prevent brown/blackouts during the hot summer months and keep their customers and regulators happy, than significantly reducing their revenue flows from reduced energy usage.

10 is the percent of additional energy needed for every degree you keep your home below 78 degrees.   More energy usage = higher utility bills.    So if you keep your home at 74 degrees vs. 78 degrees during t...

By: Paul White | June 19, 2016

How Landscaping Mulching can cause problems with your HVAC system....

Now that most everyone has completed their landscaping for the Spring, and our AC systems are running routinely, homeowners need to make sure their landscaper didn't cover up their HVAC systems condensation drain line with mulch.   This is a common issue that occurs this time of year...and although it may several months before it is noticed, it will cause headaches and issues down if the A/C condensation drain line is buried under mulch and becomes clogged.

A condensation drain line can cause your system to shut down completely if your system as an drain line safety overflow safety device, and can easily be reset once the drain line is unstopped and free flowing again.........

By: Paul White | May 17, 2016

Are there really lower cost alternative refrigerants available for Air Conditioning Systems using R22? 

Unfortfunately, the cost of R22 refrigerant continues to increase, but become educated and don’t be fooled if someone tries to sell you 22a as a lower cost alternative to HCFC-22 (R-22) for recharging your home air-conditioning system.  

Recently some chemical manufactures have created a "replacement" for R22, by using a mixture of refrigerants, and propane to create an alternative to R22.    But  can be dangerous to use propane in residential HVAC applications.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that using a propane-based refrigerant in an air conditioner that is not designed to use propane or flammable refrigerants p...

By: Paul White | April 21, 2016

Everyone in Midlothian dreads the day that their Air Conditioning unit stops working, and even more so if they don't have a trusted contractor they can turn to for advice.  All things mechanical in this life eventually fail, and when your HVAC, or air conditioning system is no longer working how does a homeowner evaluate the different bids, options, and quality of the HVAC contractors they are obtaining quotes from?  After all, isn't HVAC equipment a commodity product, and shouldn't it just be a "plug and play" situation to replace your Heat Pump or Air Conditioner?

Here are a few thoughts to consider:

  •  Just most complicated things in life, there is always more than one way to solve a problem.  HVAC contractors may offer you differe...

By: xugy43a | April 13, 2016

Heat Pump Freezing - Call Us ASAP!

Frozen Heat Pump in Midlothian
Frozen Heat Pump Midlothian VA

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