Once you have found that perfect location, floor plan and for the new home you are considering to purchase this Spring, be sure and have the air conditioning and heating system evaluated. Here are a few questions that you should ask your Realtor and or Home Inspector:

How old is the air conditioner and the furnace, or heat pump?
Be sure to tell your Realtor you want to know the age of the equipment, and obtain service/maintenance information and see maintenance records for the equipment.
Ask the home inspector to visually inspect side the main supply trunk line, and obtain photos of what the inside of the smaller flex supply lines look like. Homes that had mold in the duct system at one time will show a dirty like flaky substance in the supply ducts. The mold issue may have been treated and is now inactive, but this info speaks volumes about the condition and overall maintenance of the HVAC system.
Consider the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of the A/C system, and the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of gas or oil systems. If the home has a 10 SEER unit, vs. an identical home with a 14 SEER unit, you will save ~$2,000 in electrical operational cost over a 10 year period (at today’s electricity prices!)

The HVAC system should be considered when considering a home’s real worth, and you certainly want to be avoid being surprised if your new home needs a complete system replacement or major repairs within the next 2-3 years after purchasing your home.

If you do decide to have a professional HVAC company inspect the system before your close on a home, Comfort Keepers HVAC is available to assist. We offer a complete 21 point inspection process to provide potential homeowners with an objective evaluation of a home’s HVAC system.

Happy House Hunting this Spring!


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