For those of you with enough experience to relate to the phrase, ” you get what you pay for” you can relate to a story of one of our current new customers who came to use after dealing with sub standard service from multiple companies.

The customer, an elderly widow had a “friend of the family” in the HVAC business to install a unit 3 years ago to service an addition that was put on to their house. (tThe addition was put on many years prior, but they tried to use the original system to cool the addition..but that didn’t work) .

This summer, the unit was longer cooling, and so a large well known HVAC company was called to check it out (as the original installer did not return phone calls). The service tech found that the unit was low on freon, did a quick walk around the house, took one look at the crawlspace entrance door, and said that access to the air handler in the crawlspace was “nearly impossible”, and recommended that the unit be relocated to the attic, gave the customer a bill for the freon, a repair proposal and probably left expecting to get a commission on a sale to relocate the air handler to the attic.

Fortunately the customer felt that something didn’t seem right based on the service techs recommendations and so through word of mouth, they found Comfort Keepers HVAC. We came out to evaluate the situation, went into the crawlspace (by the way it was tight, but about 20% of all houses are that way), found the air handler and was shocked by what we saw! The unit did not have the condensation drain line installed! This indoor air handler was was plumb full of water, and all the condensation drainage was just leaking into the crawlspace, creating a damp situation. We took care of the condensation drainage issue, and installed dye into the system to help locate where the leak is coming from, and will use the manufactures part warranty (most units have a 10 year parts warranty if registered) should any replacement parts be required.

The customer said they regretted saving a few bucks by getting the cheapest company to install their unit…..So if you have not come to appreciate the statement, “you get what you pay for,” yet hopefully this lesson will help you avoid a significant amount of headache and expense over the long run the time comes for you to have a new HVAC system installed at your home. Also – if a service tech doesn’t even look at your air handler (especially when doing a first time service call), you need to find another HVAC service company will provide you with trustworthy value, and honest service.


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